Emergency Call for Palinectomy

Posted October 4, 2008 on 4:47 pm | In the category Election 2008, McCain, Palin, Politics, Press | by Jeff

“Take Sarah Palin…… please.”
Henny Youngman (paraphrased)

On a fairly regular basis the American press loses its collective mind over some nonsense. The current nonsense is named Sarah Palin and it is time to put it where it belongs – in the comics page or the news of the absurd section. From the moment she was put on the GOP ticket it was obvious that she lacked any semblance of the intelligence, background and skill set needed to be Vice President, the proverbial heartbeat from the Presidency. Nothing that has happened since her nomination acceptance speech has changed that reality and yet we are now being pummeled with all kinds of analysis about whether Palin cleared a hurdle in the debate – a debate in which she distinguished herself by not answering the questions asked of her, by mimicking Senator McCain’s vacuous sarcasm, by making countless factual errors (lies?), by re-enacting her days as beauty queen contestant and by playing to whoever the hell is Joe Six-pack. She is Tracy Flick, the Reese Witherspoon character in “Election”.

I could go on, but it would be counter to my point. We have seen and heard more than enough of Palin –put us out of our misery; take her away. Please.



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  1. Oh how true, how true, Jeff! The only consolation is the McCain’s poll numbers *right now* are substantially below Obama’s, although the McCain campaign is promising that it is going to start “taking the gloves off”, read engage in smear politics. Apparently we’ll be seeing a lot of the Reverend Wright and Ayers in the next 30 days. Another bright spot is that among CNN’s focus group during the debates, a group of self-declared independents right in my back yard, more and more keep falling out of the group because the debates make them decide to vote for Obama. And did you notice that, per that annoying running graph at the bottom of the CNN screen, women, the classic “independent voters,” registered very high for Biden and very low for Palin’s folksy, “cute” little comments that made this viewer’s flesh crawl. As I noted before, hope springs eternal….

    Comment by Marilyn — October 5, 2008 #

  2. Marilyn’s warning about the campaign is surely on target – it will be Karl Rove nasty and Lee Atwater ugly. Fasten your seatbelts and put the barf bucket next to the TV.

    Hope is a good thing, he says, hopefully…..

    Comment by jeff — October 5, 2008 #

  3. Palin is a non-entity and should be treated as such. She is the eternal cheerleader, who can’t believe (or reason) that high school is over. She thinks winking at her husband during a major debate will sway the “fence sitters” to her and MCcain. She is the girl (in high school) who dated and then married the “cute” quarterback. She is the middle aged woman who wishes that she were still in high school and still on the catwalk showing off swimsuits. In classical literature she would be the court jester, the fool, Der Knarr (German). In a way she reminds me of The Joker from Batman, eternal smile (grimace)on her face, yet behind it something lurking, unknown, ready to be unleashed once power is attained.

    Comment by Preacherbbb — October 6, 2008 #

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