Is Massachusetts Turning Red?

Posted January 13, 2010 on 11:58 am | In the category Healthcare, Obama, Politics, Press, U.S. Domestic Policy | by Jeff

The special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat has apparently become surprisingly close. At least that is what the pundits are saying. Massachusetts has a health care program similar to the national program being hammered out in the Congress, allows same-sex marriage, voted overwhelmingly for Obama, and has not sent a Republican to the U.S. Senate since Ed Brooke was defeated for re-election in 1979.

Scott Brown, the Republican candidate is a state senator with a not especially compelling record but has run an aggressive campaign with considerable outside support from conservatives. He has vowed to be the 41st vote against national healthcare reform, does not support abortion rights, runs Cheney-style terrorist threat ads in his National Guard uniform, opposes same sex marriage, and once sponsored an amendment in the state senate to allow hospital staff to refuse contraception to rape victims.

Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate, has run a bland campaign until recently and has belatedly stepped up her rhetoric. If Massachusetts goes against its historic liberal roots, it will be a nasty wake-up call to Democrats nationwide and could signal the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency. While this seems unlikely it is now a possibility.  No one would have predicted this scenario when Senator Kennedy died.



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  1. With a poorly educated populace, ill served by a press focused on process rather than policy, and elected officials concerned more with victory over the opposition than with governance, it is no wonder a well crafted campaign can manipulate and fool voters into defeating their own interests.

    Comment by Jerome — January 18, 2010 #

  2. Say it ain’t so, Joe

    Comment by Mackenzie Brothers — January 20, 2010 #

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