The Lion and the Lioness Part Two

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As predicted in the same-titled blog of not so long ago, (Part One), a 60 year-old woman who does not care about charisma, and lives in a modest apartment in Berlin, rather than a mansion, is now the undisputed most powerful woman in existence. Angela Merkel has also earned the right to at least  be considered the most powerful and respected political leader in the world. The German Kanzlerin seems to be the only one still willing to take her position someone who just might be able to talk to enough lions who might be convinced to see solutions other than aggression, killing  and warfare to solve the world’s miserable problems these days.  She may well fail, but at least somebody is trying.

Seconded only by a large security detail, and in Europe by the President of France, die Kanzlerin pushed herself to the edge of exhaustion by visiting Kiew, Moscow, Munich , Berlin (f0r a pit stop)  Ottawa, Washington and Minsk in one week, delivering speeches and talking with  leaders who are missing in action in all of them except Russia, where Putin is very much in action.  By skipping London and spending as much time in Ottawa as in Washington, whose leader recently refused to meet either with the President of Israel or the Dalai Lama, Merkel made a statement of her own about the  support she could have expected but has not received in attempting to stop an all out war in Europe.  She herself has said that all that it has resulted in only a shimmer of hope.   But that’s one more  shimmer than anyone else has been  willing to risk his/her own health to produce.



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  1. We have tried to warn the Boys up North about falling for Merkel’s snake oil in the past but love is apparently blind. Merkel is simply punishing the Greek people (and the Spaniards and Portuguese) to satisfy the moralistic needs of her nation. Problem being that her austerity medicine has long turned out to be worse than the disease of profligacy and is leading to a possible end game in which all of Europe gets screwed while Merkel and her Finance Minister get off on what is basically a form of economic sadism intended only to benefit their own fantasies of sin, punishment and redemption.

    And of course while Merkel has certainly added to her frequent flyer miles in her dashing from here to there, it has been in a wasted attempt to negotiate with a man who has already beat the bejeezus out of her. Power is an elusive concept. She certainly has it in her dealings with Greece and is appropriately corrupted. But Putin has won and Merkel has no military power to do anything about it. Indeed, recently German soldiers participated in war games using broomsticks as pretend rifles. Perhaps Anne Applebaum described Merkel’s power in her negotiations with Putin best:

    “Ukraine will lose control of Donbass to Russian proxies whom Russia can then use to further destabilize the Ukrainian state, perhaps to take more territory, perhaps to threaten NATO. The Russian president is limited by his failing economy—but then, thanks to the Greek crisis, Europe may soon be limited by its failing economies, too. If the two crises peak simultaneously, Germany’s moment of unexpectedly solitary power may soon begin to look like Germany’s hubris instead.”

    A final note on the Boys’ concern for Netanyahu: It would in fact be inappropriate for Obama to meet with Netanyahu who is coming to address the U.S. Congress at the invitation of Speaker Boehner for two purposes: to further his chances at re-election in Israel and to meddle in U.S.politics much as he did during the 2012 presidential election. And of course to do what he can to wreck the West’s negotiations with Iran. Frankly I would suggest stopping him at the border. T’would save us all the trouble of putting up with his arrogant meddling which is likely to injure Israel’s standing in the U.S. I have no opinion on the Dalai Llama except that he seems like a sweet guy.

    Comment by jeff — February 24, 2015 #

  2. ein Lesetipp
    Macleans, March 2, 2015

    cover photo of Frau Merkel with following text

    Move over Obama Angela Merkel is the only hope to stop Putin and save Europe. How a shy, small-town physicist became the world’s most important politician

    Comment by Lawrence Fechtenberger — February 26, 2015 #

  3. McCleans. Puhleeze. The euro zone economy is a horror show and Putin has had his way. Small town physicist turns out to be a small town physicist. Desperate times call for desperate fantasies. Invest in dollars over the Euro and skip hoping about Ukraine. Horse left the barn the day the EU decided to take on Russia. Nice thing to do, but stupid, naive and destructive. McCleabs? Joke right?

    Comment by Gunther purdue — March 1, 2015 #

  4. Best discussion of Frau Angela’s Greek austerity program:

    Comment by Gunther purdue — March 13, 2015 #

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