America or is it North America the Beautiful?

Posted February 17, 2016 on 3:21 pm | In the category Canada, U.S. Domestic Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy | by Mackenzie Brothers

Well, let’s see now. First there were several Republican candidates in the United States of America’s primary drama, led by the indomitable Donald Trump, who suggested that it would be a bright idea to build a Berlin-type wall along the US border. It seemed likely at the time that they had meant the border to Mexico, and perhaps forgotten or did not know that there was also a border in the north with Canada. When it was pointed out that that wall would present mighty challenges in the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia  and  Yukon, not to mention Newfoundland, ST. Pierre and Miquelon, some reconsidered after looking at a map. But some candidates stuck to their guns.

As more information about these candidates dribbles out, Canadians became more and more interested in the proposal for a wall, not because it would keep terrorists from travelling south, but rather because it might hinder  unwanted aliens from travelling north. As it turned out, one of the leading lights, Ted Cruz, was actually born and bred in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a Cuban father and an Amurcan mother, and was a Canadian citizen when he announced  his candidacy for President of the United States. . Hmm. Now, the third in the trio of favourites, Marco Rubio, has begun showing an ad for his candidacy on tv in his new series “Morning in America” that makes you wonder just what he means when he uses the word “America”. Does he mean the United States or does he mean all of North America, perhaps excluding Mexico? Who knows?

What most who see this ad will know  is that the scene he opens with is not in the United States. It shows a tugboat sailing out of a very dynamic-looking harbour, obviously recognizable as Vancouver harbour to lots of folks, but for anyone who isn’t familiar with the  scene, there is a Canadian flag flying on the tug just to make it clear. Doesn’t Rubio or his advisors know that on the other side of that northern wall there is an independent country with a different flag than his, which does not call itself America, and that what his ad shows is “Morning in Canada” as the most spectacular and busy harbour city on the west coast of North America  comes to life? Anyhow Ted Cruz is probably thanking the unpredictable primary gods for this intervention in the Canadian irritation in the Republican primary. But Canadians are just wondering what the hell is going on.



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  1. Hey! Youse Canucks ain’t da only ones wondering what the F is goin’ on. He, Trump, has the support of the likes of the KKK and Chris Cristie, so what are you worrying about? The Donald is not concerned with Canadians – except maybe those who might be of the Muslim persuasion or have color other than orange or red in ther faces. If he wants a wall across ur Northern border he’ll build one and Trudeau will pay for it. Everybody wins.

    As for Rubio using Vancouver Harbor in his ad, that is merely a premonition of what he’ll do to Canada once elected. Seems that many Canadians think their rinky dink election that took 6 weeks to run is the match of our two year+ process, which so far has cost about as much as Canada’s annual gross domestic product. in ca. 11 months we will perhaps swear into office your worst fear. Than we will redefine Amurca and eliminate French from our new northern counties.

    Comment by D. Trumpola — February 27, 2016 #

  2. Geography is somewhat elusive to the average American. Take , for example a game show contestant who was asked what the Capitol of Hungary is , first responded by saying she had never heard of Hungary , thus had no idea what the Capitol is. She then went on to say France , but then corrected herself by saying she did not think France is a country . By this example , one can see why the average American would think Canada is part of the USA . When drump ( trump’s real family name ) comes to power I’m sure he’ll annex Canada , if he can find it on a map .

    Comment by Preacherbbb — March 4, 2016 #

  3. Ms Trumpova, a fine expert on Czech literature but not well known as a political analyst, and the preacher agree at least on one thing. There may well be a repeat of the War of 1812, which both Canada and the US claim to have won. (Well, the Canucks did manage to burn down the White House in that one.) Let’s hope it works out on a more civilized level this time. Next week’s state dinner at the White House for the new Prime Minister of Canada will feature the two most glamorous – and smart – first ladies anywhere – and they will get along just fine – and the rest could be played out on hockey rinks during the world championships this fall. That should be a wonderful way to work out differences and if President Trump should show up we predict a brutal battle that will be won by the kids from the north, after a couple of defections from the south. Oh oh we forgot the Russkies and the Swedes who might well dominate in the end.

    Comment by T. Worthington Sturdley — March 4, 2016 #

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