Come on Yanks, give him the boot before it’s too late

Posted June 4, 2017 on 3:11 pm | In the category TRUMP, U.S. Domestic Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy | by Mackenzie Brothers

Okay guys, you’ve made a mistake and proven that democracy doesn’t always work. But now the proof is in the pudding and the profiteer of that foreseeable mistake, who did not even come close to winning the popular vote, has become a global farce. Isn’t there something you can do to return the USA to its designated position as the leading world power and a moral force, instead of the fantasies of a rogue farce, before the damage becomes very difficult to undo?
The US government of the moment may have already proclaimed itself to be an outsider, a non-member of the committee to act responsibly on the future of the planet. All countries, save three – Syria, Nicaragua, who thought the Paris accord didn’t go far enough, and the USA – belong to this world assembly. Russia just signed on. But don’t you have some sort of fail-safe system in place in your constitution to get the US back on the rails of common-sense, following an obviously awful political decision, before it’s too late? Please keep all us outsiders in the picture on this topic, before you sail into the obscurity reserved by history for once- revered empires, that have opted out of unified attempts to deal with a planet’s potentially lethal problems. At the same you are allowing the vacuum of power, caused by your government’s blinkers, to be filled by China, of all nations. Who would have thunk it possible even two years ago.



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  1. I’m not sure what you expect to happen. The Legislative branch is supposed to act as a check on the power of the Executive branch but, in this case, the Legislative branch is under the thumb of the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus and for the most part they’re more than happy with how events are proceeding.

    Moderate Republicans have been pushed to the sidelines and many of those that claim to be moderates, e.g. John McCain, still toe the party line on the vast majority of the votes. Witness how every single legacy item of the Obamas is being negated by this regime with a strong racist element driving their motivations. Kids should have healthy lunches? Eff that. The GOP is a bunch of spiteful little turds to a man or a woman.

    This will be up to voters to correct in 2018 and 2020 but it remains to be seen whether that will happen or not since the nasty, racist underbelly of American society has found a voice in Trump and his cronies and it likes what it hears.

    What better description of these times than:

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.” – W.B. Yeats

    Comment by belazeebub — June 6, 2017 #

  2. It is always good to hear from our friendly neighbors to the North – even when they are pleading with us to overturn the will of some 48 percent of the American people. Granted he lost the popular vote and we down here have a bizarre electoral college system, but nonetheless he won the election. Now there are ways to get rid of a President – some totally illegal and not recommended here. That leaves us with impeachment – a lengthy, drawn out procedure that requires the cooperation of Congress critters from both parties. Our political parties do not have a great record at cooperation.

    It is also important to realize that getting rid of a president inevitably leads to someone taking his place. In this instance it would be Mike Pence who would turn the country into a christian caliphate with its own weird version of Sharia Law. If we were lucky enough to also get rid of Pence, we would then be left with Boy Scout Leader Paul Ryan who would turn the country into the living embodiment of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

    We are in need of a longer game and so far it is not clear that at we have a political party capable of designing one. So, yes, of course you will always be on our mind, but that is unlikely to be enough.

    thank you for your understanding……

    Comment by Jeff — June 10, 2017 #

  3. I agree with Jeff on every point including the house of horrors that the notion of succession poses. BUT I just opened my computer to one of my news-junky pages to read that the Washington Post has an article today indicating the Trump is the subject of an investgation into obstruction of justice by Special Counsel Bob Mueller. Enough to bring a smile to any weary lefty’s face. But it’s my guess that Trump will be hauled out of the White House not as the result of impeachment for obstruction of justice but rather because he will have been found guilty of illegal financial dealings. And then we just have to hope against hope that the Democrats can take the House in 2018 which would at least slow down the Republican juggernaut.

    Comment by Marilyn Blackwell — June 14, 2017 #

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