Don’t blame Trump – He’s just doing what he said he would, and he’s doing it with the class you expected

Posted February 1, 2017 on 10:11 pm | In the category Election, TRUMP, U.S. Domestic Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy | by Mackenzie Brothers

Now let’s wait a second.  All  of the decisions of Donald Trump in the last two weeks that are now being met with anger and derision by hundreds of thousands of marchers in the USA, many of whom didn’t feel like voting,  were long public  and cannot be a surprise.  These proposals  were thumped home in raucous fashion by the new President all across the country for months before the election.  There is certainly good reason to  be outraged by them, and  that is at least also partly because of the brutality and the amateurishness in which they have now been delivered.  The apparently spontaneous and unorganized travel restrictions placed on Moslems of seven countries that  the president doesn’t like, and the way it was announced and commented upon by a neanderthalean Press Secretary may be beyond any pale.  And the treatment of the President of neighbour Mexico also takes some kind of cake for arrogant boorishness and non-neighbourliness.  But the actual contents were  made clear long ago.

So didn’t anybody vote  for that programme?  Well, yes,  it turns out somewhere around 60 million Americans did vote for that, even if you don’t know any of them.  That’s a lot of Yanks who are not protesting.  That’s democracy for you and as the greatest troubadour of our times, Leonard Cohen, now safely buried on the peaceful north side of the border, wrote and sang not so long ago – “Democracy is coming  to theUSA”.  So get used to it and now get your act together and make sure it can”t happen again in four years time.





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  1. Totally surprises except for being surprised that some appear to BE surprised. Amurca has spent the past 25 years Buildin to this situation and there is plenty of blame to spread around: a population unwilling or unable to identify and deal with the truth, a political class that has chosen to avoid working for the national interest, instead working for the narrow interests of their particular sliver of interest groups, a press that has too often been a part of the Washington scene, and some 50% of the population unable to drag themselves to the polls. Too much money in the system, blind adherence to a black and white take on all issues with an unwillingness to deal with greys, a political process that ends up an endurance test all contribute to the decline of a once fine country. As your l. Cohen says , I love the country but can’t stand the scene. As for your closing line, I do not believe help is on its way in any meaningful way.

    Comment by Jeff — February 4, 2017 #

  2. I believe mr. Schikelgruber did what he said ( and wrote ) what he would do, as well. Look how that turned out .

    Comment by Prescherbbb — February 22, 2017 #

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