The decline and fall of the final European Empire?

Posted November 16, 2017 on 7:35 pm | In the category Europe, Germany, Russia | by Mackenzie Brothers

Well, what is going to happen to the European Union in the next decade? Will it go the way of all the other attempted regimes that have come and gone since the good old days when the French, the Prussians, the Spaniards, the Habsburgs, the Nazis, the tsars, the southern Slavs and the British all spread their wings and tried to bring in their European neighbours under their protective? cover. Amazingly all of the above failed, often in deadly wars, except, arguably, Russia, with a new tsar, who shows no sign of giving up its far eastern colonial holdings, and instead  seems intent on recovering some of its old territory.
But how is the most recent attempt to bring about a united Europe doing, this time  with a capital in Brussels? If you think it is going swimmingly there lately, you haven’t been lolling around in Europe watching the whole concept of the European Union  totter while suspecting that it is slowly falling apart. The Brits have pulled one major foundation stone out, without apparently knowing what they were doing, and their absurd departure has opened possible flood gates throughout central and eastern Europe.  As in now stands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary form a solid inward-looking border buffer zone from the Baltic Sea to the Balkans with little or no loyalty to the idea that Brussels should wield the machinery of power over them.  And east of them is the wilderness, with corrupt governments ruling in half a dozen EU member states.   And no one knows where Austria will actually land – east or west -when its new government is finally announced.  Let’s face it, the EU  is now completely dependent on the resources of Germany and France, with a dash of support from the Nordic countries.  May the power be with them.



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  1. From my perch in theSouthern Colonies it seems likely that the EU will not last in its present form. Indeed as mentioned, UK is following its boring PM’s struggles to escape the evils of a unifiedEurope And as also stated, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia all seem to be walking away from the democratic va;lues that the U.S. has walked away from and Austria – well, who actually cares other than fans of The Third Man. Germany is struggling to form a government and France has a child President married to his former kindergarten teacher. Then there is Canada where the Quebecois are channel Mordecai Richler by forcing hotels, bars and restaurants to cease saying “bonjour hi” by dropping the “hi”. Maybe Macron can give them some diplomatic advice.

    Comment by Baron von Fürstenberg — December 11, 2017 #

  2. Oh come on. Is the Baron kidding? Or can he too, a noted authority on all things Central European, not one of those aways confused Olympic reporters, really not tell the difference between Slovenia, Slobovia and Slovakia. Slovenia is a staunch EU ally, ready to send its armed forces into action if necessary, while Slovakia has been a EU skeptic for decades, although recently it has been surprisingly more open-minded than its neighbours in Prague or Budapest. Or for that matter Vienna. Which is no doubt why the ever vigilant Mackenzies did not include Slovakia in their current rogue’s gallery. But the Baron’s analysis of the situation in France and Quebec hits the spot. Where is Mordecai when you need him? The bonjour-hi crisis is hard to top, especially when you live right next to the unbeatable Trump burlesque. But it comes close.

    Comment by Q. Chester Frisbee — December 11, 2017 #

  3. Alas, who knew Slovenia was different from Slovakia? I even remember when there was no Slovakia and no Czech Republic. But I must own my error and apologize to all merci…bye.

    Comment by Baron von Fürstenberg — December 12, 2017 #

  4. So, my leader, Herr Putin, has successfully influenced the great German Journal Der Spiegel which editorializes now against the struggling German Prime Ministeress. Worth a read, titled: Surveying the Ruins of Merkelism

    Perhaps. As Germany goes, so will the EU and we can rebuild the wall taking a lesson fromTrump!

    Comment by Comey Rat — December 15, 2017 #

  5. Well one of the Mackenzies’ questions has been answered . Austria has indeed chosen as its vice-chancelor a figure who is so far to the right that German leaders – and actually the Austrian president himself – won’t give him the time of day. Oh no not again!. And while we’re at it. This is the headline in the London Times today. “Britain has no major warships on operations anywhere in the world for the first time in living memory.” So you can go out and look at a stirring new film about Big Daddy Winston C doling it out in the last world war, when the Brits did have a navy. But Brexit has helped make this once powerful naval power laughably incapable of defending even itself over the Christmas break for the first time in 500 years.

    Comment by Flaming Bombardeer — December 19, 2017 #

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